The TWI method

Continuis improvenement and error free working?
The TWI Company shows you that it is possible echt kan.

A good end product, that’s what it’s all about. Every day again.

Employees are often the crucial link to success. Together with TWI Company you will establish a uniform method of working in which you will make optimal use of the qualities of your employees.

Whether it is the person who has been on the shop floor for 40 years, or a flexible worker who is involved for a short period; after the implementation of training within industry, everyone performs the actions in the same way and you know what you can count on at the end of the process.
Every process has inputs and outputs. What happens in between makes the quality.

You can only discover the optimal working method if you are present on the work floor. That is why TWI Company puts on its safety shoes and goes out onto the floor with your people. Together we will determine the next steps in the process and record them.

With training within industry you will immediately gain insight into the potential for improvement. That is the basis for the training. We train your people to be TWI trainers so that they can independently train existing and new employees quickly and efficiently. In other words: “Train the trainer”. Directly on the shop floor.

Training Within Industry step by step implementation

Fase 0 - Preparation

What challenges are at play in the workplace? What impact do these challenges have? What does the dot on the horizon look like?

With the TWI training method you will give your organization tools to implement and secure a lasting change. In order to be truly successful, together we need to know exactly what needs to be changed, why this change is necessary and what is required to make it happen.

It is better to ask “why?” once more than to assume that we know…

1. Kick-off

With your team, all people in the process, we organize a joint starting moment: the kick-off.

Together we make sure that all people involved, at the start of the process, know exactly what, how and why Training Within Industry will make the difference.

The key people in the process have a prominent role during the kick-off. They get the stage and stand next to it to answer the critical questions.

2. Workplace analyses

A process is about input, actions and output. The TWI trainer goes out on the shop floor with your people to go through the process together and record all the actions. This workplace analysis forms the basis for the training standard and task description.

Of course we do not lose what matters most: the employee and reliable output. TWI Company speaks the language of the employee, and brings experience from over 170 TWI examples.

3. Standard work

The training standard describes all actions in the task. The (new) employee learns in practice, per task, the important steps, critical points and why these are critical points.

The TWI Company immediately includes the potential for improvement. In this way the what, how and why of each task is very clearly recorded.

4. Training and coaching on the Gemba

The most important thing in the TWI methodology is training on the floor. We believe that an employee will only be trained properly if this happens directly on the shop floor and in practice.

The power of the TWI-method is that the trainer shows the task 3 times and tells what, how and why the task must be performed. Then the employee repeats the task 4 times.

The TWI trainer tells what, how and why this task should be performed. The trainer has now directly “tested” in practice that the employee can work independently, safely and without errors.

5. TWI Procesconfirmation

Quality is something you want to maintain, a planned TWI audit will ensure quality is maintained and possible new insights are gained to perform a task even better.

The TWI Company also has extensive experience in the continuous improvement of processes.