TWI Trainer

The TWI Trainer training focuses mainly on learning how to train the established training standards to (new) employees.

This training is ideal for organizations that want to increase the number of trained trainers, so that more employees can be trained on different tasks by their own people. When you successfully pass the practical exam, you will receive the TWI Trainer certificate. This training is suitable for participants with a work and thinking level of MBO level 3 or higher, a diploma is not a requirement. 

The training

  • Origins of TWI, and the translation to contemporary practice
  • Practicing with a workplace analysis, determining the standard training sequence and determining the order in which the employees are to be introduced.
  • The structure of the TWI training:
  • The order of training
  • The required application of essential TWI principles

Focus TWI Training

  • Communication skills
  • General theory of communication
  • Dealing with resistance and disappointment
  • Practicing training standards using the TWI method

Focus TWI Writing

  • Which areas of attention must be included in a TWI training standard
  • The structure and required editing of a TWI training standard

The Practical Exam

Within two weeks after the training the Practical Exam will take place. This takes place at your own workplace. One of our TWI coaches will visit you to practice what you have learned. Subsequently, the Practice Exam will be taken. When the exam is completed successfully, the participant will receive the TWI Trainer certificate. This certificate is valid for 2 years.

€ 1.274 ex 21% VAT

Exclusive travelexpenses TWI Coach to your location


  • Course material
  • Guidance and practical exams on location
  • TWI certificate and registration in the TWI register